A-Shore Out Bail Bonds - BOND FAQ'S


Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Bonds

What should I know before I contact A Shore Out Bail?

There is certain information that we will need in order to help you:

  • Where is the person in custody? Make sure that you ask the person in custody where they are located (City, State and Name of Jail).
  • What is the full name and booking number of person in Jail? The Bail Agent will need this information in order to contact the jail. The Bail Agent can get the booking number for you if you forgot or if it was not available.
  • How much is the bail? The Bail Agent will get this information when they contact the Jail if you do not have it. With the Bail Amount the Bail Agent can tell you the amount it will cost to post a Bond and requirements to get the person out of Jail.
What is collateral?

Collateral is some property placed within the bail agent's legal control, which may be sold in the event the defendant does not show for the court proceeding. The bail agent can then sell the property to cover the amount paid to post the bail. Essentially, collateral is a way of ensuring the defendant will go back to court and complete his/her obligation to the court.

Do I get my money back after the case is over?

There are a few exceptions to this but you do not get your premium back that you paid to the bonding office. This fee is what allowed the defendant to get out of jail and is fully earned once the defendant is out of custody. For example if the defendant gets rearrested a week later you get no portion nor a refund of any money. If the bondsman fails to live up to his end of the contract then and only then you may be entitled to a refund of some kind.

What if I think the defendant is not going to show up for court after I have posted the bond?

There are remedies that can be done here as well, contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss your option in full detail with you!

Can the defendant leave the state or the country while on bond?

You will have to get permission from the our office in writing before attempting to do so. If the court has given you direct instructions not to leave the state or country you must then get permission from the bail agent and the court before leaving. Otherwise you are subject to arrest!

Can a we discount the fees on the premium?

The rate that you pay a bail agent is set by the department of insurance. The state of Maryland requires the fee to be 10% of the bond amount. A company that agrees to discount their fee may have their license pulled by the department of insurance. Some companies try and lead you into believing that you will receive a discount but in the end they actually charge you the whole amount.  A-Shore Out provides low down payments and in-house financing.

What happens if the case goes more than a year?

There are from time to time instances where a criminal case may take more than a year, and in this case a second premium will be owed to keep the defendant on bond. It may be wise to contact the attorney and try to get a bail reduction in the 10th or 11th month of the case in order to save a costly renewal premium.

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We offer 24 hour service, day or night, to help you no matter the time of day. If you are in need of our bond services, please do not hesitate to call. We server ALL OF MARYLAND with local numbers in following towns

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